Diversity & Inclusion

We broaden the rich mix and diversity of perspectives within teams by finding the best skills and talent for the role. We know that diverse thinking creates competitive advantage through enabling businesses to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace and prepare for the uncertainties of the future.
With over a decade of experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to meet their talent needs, we have gained a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion, which has become part of Harvey Nash’s DNA and fundamental to our approach in finding the individuals that will best fit your culture and needs. We deliver the right person for the role and not just the obvious one.

Understanding And Removing Bias

We understand we all have levels of unconscious bias that are part of our makeup. As an organisation we are committed to continuous training and education to enable our own people to recognise and minimise their blind spots. As specialists, we understand the market much more than most, not just in relation to gender but embracing all types of diversity and particularly diversity of thought. We use this to help our clients improve their processes and create a level playing field for all.

Balancing Leadership Teams

The best person for the role is not always the most obvious one. We are committed to helping our clients harness the best talent by:
• Delivering shortlists that are gender balanced and include diversity of experience and characteristics in their broadest sense.
• Seeking out emerging and exceptional talent by tapping into our network of over 10,000 senior business leaders
• Challenging the client brief or the required skillset and using inclusive language in order to attract a more diverse pool of talent
• Ensuring that the selection process itself is inclusive through guaranteeing that diversity is represented throughout the whole process
• Exploring negative responses from candidates to understand whether ‘not interested’ is a result of the role’s incompatibility with work life balance or the culture appears not inclusive
• Understanding the in-depth needs of candidates and holding discussions on their behalf in order to find the best possible outcome for all parties
• Being an ambassador for our clients, ensuring that candidates feel valued and supported at every stage, including providing constructive feedback to unsuccessful applicants
• Sharing our expertise and helping organisations both large and small develop effective diversity programmes
We are proud of what we have achieved at Board level through our networks Inspire and Engage; increasing the diversity on our shortlists and helping our clients identify exceptional leaders.

Leading The Debate On Diversity

Since launching Inspire in 2008, we have been at the forefront campaigning for gender equality in the workplace and helping women to advance in the boardroom. Our ground-breaking research into the barriers holding back women and ethnic minorities in the workplace have been cited in numerous reports and challenge businesses to rethink how they support diversity. We also provide forums for discussion and exchanging ideas on diversity initiatives and produce thought-provoking podcasts with business leaders on how they are improving diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

30% Club

Harvey Nash Executive Search is a supporter of the 30% Club. We have signed up to the voluntary code of conduct for the executive search community, to address gender diversity on corporate boards and best practice for the related search processes.

Leadership Consulting

Our leadership consultants, executive coaches and business psychologists provide expert services for the selection, assessment and development of executives, teams and organisations. We enhance the overall impact of the recruitment, onboarding and retention processes for organisational effectiveness. For Executives: assessment for selection and development, individual coaching (career, performance, communication/influencing, executive and leadership). For Teams: group dynamics and interpersonal coaching, or systemic coaching for strategic awareness. For Organisations: recruitment strategy, change leadership, and organisational development.

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