Board Services

Businesses that thrive embrace and respect different perspectives to generate new ideas. We aim to help achieve this through our extensive expertise in executive search, leadership consulting and appointing board advisors. We are passionate about using a combination of these to enable board directors to create the most effective dynamics to deliver value. Building an agile and responsive business is critical and requires a board with an open mind-set.

Our Approach

Board Services support the development of our clients boards to deliver value creation to their stakeholders. With our unique networks we help them to build a truly diverse board. Our comprehensive review process helps develop constructive and effective board dynamics supporting innovation and competitive advantage and our advisors ensure that the board is well informed about the strategic imperatives.

Why Choose Us

Board Evaluation

A board review is crucial to ensuring board effectiveness and business success in the face of increasing strategic and performance related demands. Our detailed quantitative and qualitative investigation provides an insight into board dynamics and areas for improvement. The evaluation highlights how the chair and CEO perform their roles and manage their responsibilities, and the contribution each individual board member makes. The analysis of both the composition and expertise within the board is also of central importance.

We offer management and executive audits to specifically evaluate the CEO and the rest of the management team, facilitating the board’s responsibility to continuously monitor the day-to-day management of the business.

Board Recruitment

We understand the complexity of the role facing today's board members, and we utilise our international expertise to identify outstanding individuals. We offer our clients different search processes and tailor the process to the client's specific needs. Through years of experience we have developed a carefully structured network of contacts through our global offices - we leave no avenue unexplored in our mission to secure the right talent for our clients. An effective board of directors, with the right composition, safeguards the company's development and both supports and challenges the CEO.

Board Advisors

Our advisory experts are consultants and coaches who give strategic advice on a part-time or short-term basis. For instance:

 - Providing challenge and acting as a sounding board on strategy development

 - Coaching existing executive team members

 - Helping upskill the board and executive team on topics such as digitalisation

Diversity & Inclusion

Gained through more than a decade of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to meet their talent needs - a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion is part of the Harvey Nash DNA. It is fundamental to our approach in finding the individuals that will best fit your culture and needs.

We help our clients to not only find the best talent, but also broaden the rich mix and diversity of perspectives within their teams. We know that diverse thinking creates a competitive advantage, enabling businesses to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace and better prepare for the uncertainties of the unknown future.

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Leadership Consulting

Our leadership consultants, executive coaches and business psychologists provide expert services for the selection, assessment and development of executives, teams and organisations. We enhance the overall impact of the recruitment, onboarding and retention processes for organisational effectiveness.

For Executives: assessment for selection and development, individual coaching (career, performance, communication/influencing, executive and leadership).

For Teams: group dynamics and interpersonal coaching, or systemic coaching for strategic awareness.

For Organisations: recruitment strategy, change leadership, and organisational development.

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